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Expanding earth evidence

Peter Woodhead has presented the best arguments ive heard so far. The earth being much smaller in the past, this shows why we have fossil remains of the same kind, across different continents …..

This video below, while it does Not  adequately  or carefully  address the question for  why ; the earth has expanded in size, does at least shows some good models, and evidence for what is currently known .

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Examining the Newest Historical Research on Islam and the Earliest Quranic Manuscripts – Jay Smith

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Genesis : the 8th day .

About the day Adam and Eve died.

( This study will be updated with more information that was not included ) .

Gen 1, notice the absence of the ” tiller of the soil” prior to their time of creation . The tiller of soil comes into play only after; the 7th “day” of rest. This is not stated this way by mistake.

It’s safe to say God had this age planned since verse 1 . Moses was accurate .

John presents Christ as God, and we have that before, with Gods Purposing this in Genesis 1:27 ; later begun After the 7th day with Adam and Eve ;the same day in which Adam sinned. But ultimately fulfilled in Christ ( through Eve ), who was the express image of God; who is The Light .

Bullinger notes the Hebrew’s use of ‘eth-’Ha adham in Gen. 1:27 >

“”man. Here the Hebrew ‘adam has the article, and the demonstrative Hebrew. ‘eth, to indicate that the man Adam created in Gen_2:7 was the “man” here purposed.””

So God’s intention ( Gen. 1:27) ; to kick off Israels start was stated before the fact; then acted upon (Gen 2:7) in the day in which Adam sinned . That’s why ” the article, and the demonstrative Hebrew. ‘eth ” is present before.

Purposed to be the man from whom Christ would descend.

Understand the full thought here , that Messiah is the only one; in The Image of God.

Its also important to understand Why the article is missing from the Hebrew before Adams name in Genesis 5:1.

Genesis  5:1  This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;

Bullinger notes for this :

man. Art. not needed = the man Adam. App-14. i.
I. ‘Adam, without the article )

You know, something does not need to be expressly stated, if its implied by many a witness. Example, the Resurrection( deathlessness) ; of the dead . The ” dead lived not again until after “. So there is an implied second Resurrection . ( probably not the best example ) .

But in the case of the day in which Adam died, its obvious given what the apostle of Messiah ‘ Peter taught .

 With respectful consideration for Peters instruction on that ; It would be appropriate to title that day “the 8th day”.

Because understanding Christ’s seed line  is  part of the key of David it is important to get this right ;  If we’re off course at the beginning, we’ll have higher probability of dropping that key at the end….

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